The story behind the sound.

Back in the day...

Krees was sporting a rat tail, Jared was rocking an undercut, and the hills were alive with the sound of raps. Inspired by early hip-hop that told stories and put a smile on your face, Midbest is on a mission to make the genre fun again.

Midbest's tracks range from tongue in cheek trap-rap to catchy hip-pop ballads. Each song is heavily influenced by their love for carbs, dance parties, their ladies, and the wordsmiths that have preceded them.

Donuts Sampled For Science (estimate)
  • Dat Dough Tho

  • Nom

  • Nom

  • Nom

Why the name Midbest?

Jared and Krees were raised in Pomona, KS, a small farm town in eastern Kansas near Kansas City. The midwest runs through their veins like a slathered slab of BBQ ribs and a tall cold Boulevard Wheat.

It can be argued that Midbest's sound is halfway to perfection, or halfway terrible. Either way, the name is a nod to Jared and Krees' roots and a little bit of healthy self-deprecation.

  • Dat Dough Tho
  • Workout Mix
  • Dedicated To The DJ
  • April

A bunch of singles.

Midbest is going to pepper the people with the goods in 2018 by releasing one track per month throughout the year. A full album with all 12 singles plus three additional tracks is set for an early 2019 release.

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See Midbest in person. Party hardy.