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    Midbesties features all 12 of Midbest's 2018 singles plus three unreleased tracks and one remix. Get your hands on this goodness and live your best life.
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a year of singles

  • Dat Dough Tho

    One does not eat a donut, one experiences a donut. Midbest brings that experience to rap with an homage to the donut in a jelly-filled, deliciously gangster jam.
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  • Workout Mix

    In an attempt to absolve themselves of their caloric sins, Midbest released this sweaty workout track. You're doubledog dared to give the workout a try!
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  • Dedicated to the DJ (feat. DJ Sean P)

    The DJ existed before the first rapper dreamed up his first song. This track recalls the history of hip hop in a dialogue format with Midbest's beloved DJ Sean P.
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  • Braggadocious

    Tapping their inner machismo, Midbest spits flames of fury on this brag track about cars, clothes, dollar bills, women, and tacos. Just brag, homie.
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  • Date Night

    Inspired by a true story: a tale about young love kindled on a warm summer evening. This pop-hop jam is a killer cruise tune.
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  • Straight Baked

    Get lit with the latest Midbest fatty jam, Straight Baked, featuring another generous helping of carb-loaded lyrics and gluten-infused instrumentals.
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  • The Struggle Bus

    Midbest spits 21st-century, first-world blues on this track. The bass line is just as heavy as the emotional weight carried. The struggle is too real.
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  • Good Vibes Only

    Midbest is turning frowns upside down with, "Good Vibes Only." You'll want your volume up and windows down for this good vibey track.
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  • For Forever (feat. Olivia Dyer)

    Experience the anxious excitement of a marriage proposal in Midbest's latest release, "For Forever," featuring the vocal talents of Olivia Dyer.
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  • You Do You

    We're weird. You're weird. Embrace it. Let the haters hate while you do you, boo. This is a tale of some folks doing their own thing.
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  • Velcros

    The hottest rap track about kicks since Nelly's "Air Force Ones"! Velcros will bring you back to your roots as an infant and make you question why you ever sported anything with laces.
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